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Student Loan Assistance

The main problem with college funding today is NOT the loans that are available OR the scholarships and grants a student may receive. 

The main problem today is the sky-rocketing cost of college.  Institutions have little, if any, accountability to families and students who don't understand the debt they are taking on.  Families need student loan assistance to work through the college planning process.  Also, both the parents and the students need to understand how the repayment of those loans works.

Step 1: Determine How Much You Can Afford

The most important thing families should do before the college process begins, is to determine how much the family/student can afford to pay for college.  This includes savings and MANAGEABLE debt.  This process does not start in the student’s senior year in high school, but much earlier.

Step 2: Start Your Research!

Some common questions about student loans are:

  • What are the student’s best options?
  • As parents, what are your best options?
  • Who are the best providers?
  • How does Lighthouse provide student loan assistance?

Lighthouse College Planning can help answer these questions and provide you with resources on your three loan options: private loans, federal Loans, and state loans.  We'll give you the tools, resources, and information you need to reduce some of the college loan stress. Contact us to let us assist you with your student loan planning.