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Admissions Essay Assistance

We can't write it for you, but we can show you how!

The college admissions essay is often the most daunting task a student has to complete when applying to colleges.  Many students struggle to express their individuality through college essays.  We provide essay assistance by helping students recognize the importance of a good, original essay and avoid the common essay traps.

What?  An editor will review my essay?

Lighthouse delivers admission essay assistance on an individual basis through our staff editor who will make your essay is marketable and stands out from among the sea of essays received by colleges each year.  With the help of our counselors, students will receive:

  • Guidance in the essay-writing process
  • Assistance in perfecting the admissions essay
  • A comprehensive review of their rough drafts and final essay
  • Understanding of the importance of the essay as a college decision factor
  • Knowledge of what universities are looking for
  • Suggestions on ways to tell their unique story
  • Tips on writing creatively without going overboard

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