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ACT/SAT College Prep Classes

Dreading the ACT or SAT?  We know you can do it!

We help students prepare for the ACT/SAT by providing individualized ACT/SAT prep courses that are adapted to student needs.

How Our Prep Works

  • Coursework is completed on-line
  • The tool pre-tests students, then builds a study guide covering ONLY areas for improvement.
  • The tool is designed by Princeton University Graduates.
  • The Video Professor hits three areas of learning; students see it, hear it, and read it.


In addition to our ACT/SAT prep courses, we have also partnered with Learning Ascent and The Reading Tree.  Through this partnership, students will receive:

  • 20 hours of instruction
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Essay writing support
  • Timed practice tests
  • Repeated review
  • Independent study
  • Tutorial assistance through personal phone calls
  • Weekly evaluation reports to parents
  • An intensive course with limited class size (8-16 students)

A couple extra points on an ACT test can mean thousands extra in merit aid!   Contact us to get started »