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Erin Harrigan-Schober, M.A.

Erin Harrigan-Schober, M.A.


Erin comes to Lighthouse with great enthusiasm for this field of expertise.  With four children of her own and her oldest daughter recently graduating from Boston University, the subject of college planning is near and dear to her.  While pursuing a Master's degree in School Counseling at Concordia University and simultaneously interning at St. Ignatius College Prep, Erin was fortunate to gain much experience in the intricate dance of matching students with the college of their dreams, as well as helping them understand their academic and financial realities.  Through her experience, Erin was amazed at how much of this information isn't easily accessed by students and their families.  After realizing how much this specialized knowledge could change the whole trajectory of a student's college course, she decided to learn more and become an integral part of helping to plan a student's future.  

Erin has taught French in Chicago Public Schools on and off for the past 15 years.  In addition to her interests in all things French and taking care of her young children, she enjoys reading the latest best-sellers and her Vanity Fair magazine cover to cover, traveling, and trying out the city's next best restaurants with her "foodie" husband, Jay.

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